Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tahoe Powder Day! and PS CS3 Release

We had a beautiful powder morning here in Truckee, CA. We had about 1 foot of new snow last night, a few days before we had 65+ degree temps! My husband Olof got this shot of me getting some turns in the freshies with his Canon 5D. We can have powder days into May around here, you just have to be patient some years.

In other news... Adobe announced Photoshop CS 3 today - relevant info is at this link: CS3 for Photographers .

I have been using the CS3 Beta version for a while and think the Camera Raw interface is greatly improved, with very good features for adding fill light, recovering highlights, and adding very natural looking color vibrance. I also like the B&W conversion options in the Raw dialog, they are incredible and will revolutionize B&W digital. The refine edge tool and the Auto blend layers tools will also be very useful for photographers. I will be getting the upgrade as soon as it ships.


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