Thursday, April 26, 2007

Developing a Portfolio

One of the questions I often receive is how to develop a portfolio. A portfolio should be a book or web presentation of your best prints that are a cohesive body of work with a unifying theme. The portfolio categories I have selected are on my website and cover such themes as Mountains and Wildflowers, Yosemite, Alaska, Ghost Town, Venice, etc.  A portfolio theme obviously does not need to be place-based, it can be a series of emotions, philosophies, etc. Developing your work into themed portfolios requires you to think of your images as more than individuals, but as a contributor to a larger body of work. I use large portfolio books to display my prints in addition to posting them on my web site - The Itoya Art Profolio Presentation Book in the 14x17" size. I also have a smaller 8x10 one that is more portable. I get them from

There are very good portfolio review events for people that have a developed body of work and want to show it to a larger audience: Review Santa FE and Photo Lucida. I made contacts at Photo Lucida that were important to my Brilliant Waters book project. In general I think these events are  geared to more avant garde work than my style of landscape photography, but it is a good education in the fine art / museum market. You will also get the chance to meet fellow photographers and look at their portfolios.

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