Sunday, April 22, 2007

Maui Photo Report

I returned from Maui and am adjusting to the transition from beachwear to a down jacket, since we had over a foot of snow last night in Truckee. Maui was amazing, as I am sure anyone who has traveled there will tell you. My favorite part of the trip was swimming with the sea turtles. We went snorkeling in the Molokini crater, and on the way back the boat stopped at a place they call "Turtle Town", which is off the shore in front of the Maui Prince hotel where we stayed for a few nights. The turtles congregate there to have their shells cleaned by these little black cleaner fish (sorry, I don't know their official name). The turtles don't seem to mind all the humans swimming aroung looking at them - they went about their business seemingly unconcerned about our presence. I used my Ewa Marine plastic bag housing on a Canon Digital Rebel SLR. This setup worked great for me, there was no sign of moisture on the camera after multiple snorkeling photo sessions. I also used a flash in the hotshoe mount but in hindsight may not have needed to do this since there was alot of light near the water surface where I was. Flash contributes to "backscatter" which is the illumination of particles in the water. I was able to swim back out to turtle town on morning when no one else was there and get the shots which are in the Album to the right titled "Maui Sea Turtles". They are so much fun to photograph since they move slowly and will come right up to you. It was an amazing experience swimming around with such wonderful creatures. My favorite shots are #4 and #5 in the album, since they show how graceful the turtles are when swimming underwater - the little yellow fish is an added bonus that I did not see until I looked at the image in Photoshop. I will post some of my landscape shots later in the week. I was able to photograph some great sunsets and found some interesing foreground areas along the shoreline.

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