Monday, April 30, 2007

Maui Seascapes

I have been working on my images from a recent trip to Maui and have posted a few here in the gallery to the right on this blog page. I found that all my best images were taken at sunset during the magic hour. Many of these images feature a setting sun and various foregrounds along the shoreline. It is always a challenge to avoid the cliche shots, so I opted for a minimalist approach to composition and long exposure times to give the ocean a more calm appearance. I used a split ND filter on all the images to hold back the sky and get a good exposure on the foreground. I do not like white skies or overly dark foregrounds, I like to create images that have a large range of detail from shadows to highlights, which is closer to what the human eye sees. I see no advantage to continuing the tradition of the narrow exposure latitude established by the use of slide film and darkroom printing. Digital capture and printing makes it easier to create prints with a broad dynamic range, and the Shadow / Highlight tool in Photoshop is also an important tool for this purpose. The new Camera Raw processor in PS CS3 has the shadow/highlight tool in it, although there it is called Recovery (for highlights) and Fill Light (for shadows). These Maui images were all taken with the 39 MP H3D and need no upsizing to create a 30" wide print. I will have the large prints on display at our Gallery in Truckee. A more complete portfolio of Maui Images is now posted on my website at .

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