Friday, May 11, 2007

Favorite Books for Photographers

I have a number of books that I have found helpful in my development as a photographer. Here is a quick list. Please add your own lists in the comments section if you have some favorites.

Beauty in Photography - Robert Adams - This book is an interview format with some wonderful insights about the art of photography.

The Artist' Way - Julia Cameron  - This is an inspiring book for anyone working to develop their unique artistic style. I have enjoyed all her books on this topic.

Galen Rowell's Inner Game of Outdoor Photography - Galen Rowell was a true leader in the art of color landscape  photography. This book summarizes his theories and philosophy in a very readable way.

Ansel Adams Autobiography - This fascinating book gives wonderful insights into the father of fine art landscape photography.

The Photobook - A History  - This is the first of 2 volumes that cover a history of photography books, which are collectable as an art form in their own right. Reading this book is a good way to get a broad overview of many different photographic styles.

Adobe Photoshop Master Class - John Paul Caponigro - While the techniques need to be updated to reflect more recent versions of Photoshop, JPs philosophy of digital photography in this narrative is groundbreaking and relevant to fine art photographers.

Real World Camera Raw for Photoshop CS3 - Paired with the Real World CS 3 Book, this combo is simply the best of all the millions of Photoshop books out there. It is only available for pre-order but I have all the ones back to PS version 6.0.

Anything by Annie Dillard - She is the best nature writer of our time. She puts into words what I try to photograph.

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