Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Gear for Alaska

We are heading out next week for a 10 day trip around the inside passage of Alaska. We are going with a great company called Amercan Safari Cruises . I am working on a book of Alaskan Landscapes, and thought that a yacht cruise would provide the best access to landscapes along the Alaskan coast. We decided to go with a small boat cruise to provide better access to remote areas and to have the flexibility of more shore excursions. We are not really into the big cruise ship experience, so that was out of the question. We could have just rented a boat and done it ourselves, but neither Olof or I know much about motor boats so we decided that would be unsafe.  We are looking forward to doing some sea kayaking and zodiac trips from the yacht.

In preparation for the trip I got a new rain cover for my Hasselblad  H3D. Michael Reichman of Luminous Landscape recommends the Kata 702 Rain Cover . I ordered one and am pleased with how well it fits my H3D and lenses. The see through plastic will make it easier to use. I have lost cameras to light drizzle before and do not want to take any chances with a the H3D. We will also take 2 Dryzone backpacks by LowePro. I may also take the new Vertex pack by LowePro - I think this is a great pack and is not too bulky - it fits well in the overhead bins of even the small planes. We will be flying small planes into Ketchikan and Sitka, and doing some aerial photography around Misty Fjords. I will be offline and unable to blog from May 22 to June 4.



  1. Have a wonderful trip, Elizabeth, I can't wait to see the images that come back!

  2. Have a safe and wonderful trip. Watch out for the bears. I hope you have enough storage medium. As beautiful as Alaska is, you’ll need a lot!! I’m also eager to see your images.