Sunday, May 6, 2007

Sierra Spring

The wildflowers in the lower elevations of the Sierra are peaking now, but the higher elevations are a long way from blooming. I was in Yosemite last week to get some shots of the Dogwood blossoms - they were everywhere in the Valley. I also went to a place in the Sierra Foothills outside of Sacramento, CA, and found a wonderful field of Lupine (thanks to the suggestion of a friend). I stayed into the evening to get the best light on the Lupine, and thankfully the winds were light and I was able to get some long exposures. You really have to shoot wildflowers in the evenings or on a cloudy day. I have found that even when it is cloudy the best light is still in the evenings or early morning. The shots I have been working on are in the SIerra Spring portfolio to the right. The image of the "Oak Cathedral" looks like it was taken in Autumn, but it was just taken last week in an area where the  evening backlighting gave the oak leaves a golden glow.


  1. This is just a beautifully composed image. I love the color and the lupines in the foreground make me feel like I can just step into the image. The background is just perfect. Is this location Rattle Snake Bar by any chance? If not where is this? It looks really familiar. I have been seeing so many lupine fields like this all around the Folsom Lake area.

  2. What a wonderful photo. Lovely composition, exposure and colors.

  3. Thanks for your comments. This area is located on the Salmon Falls MTB trail near Folsom. I lived in this area for many years and never knew about the Lupine displays until a friend told me about them a few weeks ago.

  4. Hi Elizabeth. Gorgeous shot. Can you provide a little more detail on where this on is on the trail? Distance from one of the trailheads or something? I'm not familiar with the trail.
    Thanks! Bob.

  5. Elizabeth CarmelMay 10, 2007 at 4:55 AM

    This shot was taken in a meadow that is about a 30 minute walk from the trailhead at Salmon Falls bridge. You can see that the lake is in the background of the shot. You can do a search on the Salmon Falls MTB trail to get directions to the trailhead. Watch out for poison oak!!