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Brilliant Waters Book Ordering Information


Signed Copies of Brilliant Waters can be ordered online at Hawks Peak Publishing .

combines Elizabeth Carmel’s stunning
landscape photography with a selection of moving poetry by recognized
writers. Robert Redford contributes engaging insights and commentary in
the book’s foreword. This collection of remarkable photographs captures
both the intimate details and grand panoramas that exist exclusively in
the Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, and the High Sierra regions of California and

In his eloquent foreword to BRILLIANT WATERS
Robert Redford writes:  “So what would you do if you came upon a sight
seen before only to see it as if for the first time?  This was the
effect Elizabeth’s work had on me; capturing the power of what exists
while elevating the experience through the poetic use of photography. I
saw this country as if I had not seen it before—like I was being led
slowly, carefully, along a great and beautiful path.  To have this
sensation of stop time observation is not easy. This work simply
stopped me in my tracks.”

BRILLIANT  WATERS is divided into three  sections: Water and Stone, Colors of the Sierra, and Winter’s Grace.
Each section contains a portfolio of large 8” x 10” color plates
personally selected and sequenced by Elizabeth Carmel.  Selected images
are paired with poems written by Richard Wilbur, John Updike, Octavio
Paz, Gainor Ventresco, and Frederick George Scott. This book will
appeal to all who love the scenic beauty of Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, and
the High Sierra, and to photography enthusiasts worldwide.

expresses her inspiration for the book in the following excerpt from
her preface: “Water, in its many manifestations, forms the unifying
theme of BRILLIANT WATERS. Whether a photo of a cool shroud
of mist on Lake Tahoe’s boulders, a carpet of camas lilies brought to
bloom by spring rains, or a high Sierra stream flowing in summer, the
varied images all explore the interplay of water and light.”

book is unique in its subject, scope, and artistry.  It is an enduring
testament to the accomplishments of previous generations who have
worked to preserve the Sierra Nevada. It is also a reminder of what is
at stake as we strive to protect the natural world for future

The book is distributed by Graphic Arts
Center Publishing and will be available from all major book retailers
such as Borders, Barnes and Noble, independent book stores, and online

A traveling  exhibit of fine art prints from BRILLIANT WATERS
is available for display at museums and galleries. Interested
exhibitors should contact Elizabeth Carmel for details on availability
and scheduling. Images from the BRILLIANT  WATERS exhibit will be on display at a show  opening  July 15, 2006 at the San  Diego Museum of Natural History.

BRILLIANT WATERS: 104 Pages, 12” x 12” Hardcover,  44 8x10” Color Plates.

            Publisher: Hawks Peak Publishing –

            Distributed by: Graphic Arts Publishing  Company, 800 452-3032 –

            ISBN-10:   0-9776877-0-8

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