Sunday, June 17, 2007

Images from Alaska

It has taken me a few weeks to go through my image files and select my favorite shots from our trip through Southeast Alaska. The main goal of the trip for me was to get shots that I can include in a future book on Alaska, which will be in a format similar to my current book "Brilliant Waters". I also enjoyed looking through the indy bookstores in the various Alaskan towns we visited to find Alaskan poetry that I could use in my upcoming book. Some of the images I took may also be successful as fine art prints - I will print out a few and have them available for people to look at in our Truckee gallery. I have included 10 jpgs of some final images in the Southeast Alaska photo gallery in the right column. My Web Site is in the process of being updated with all the selected images, those should be on the site within the next week in the Alaska portfolio.

Last week NPR had a very important discussion about the climate changes occurring in Alaska. One show addressed How Alaskans are dealing with climate change  and another details the effect of climate change on the landscape. Both shows address the fact that Alaska is a rapidly transforming, and, in some cases, vanishing landscape. We may be among the last generations to witness the wonders of the vast Alaskan glaciers.


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