Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Panoramas in PS CS3

I have been experimenting with the photomerge feature in the new Photoshop CS3 and find that it does a wonderful job merging multiple foreground and background images for a panorama. On my recent trip to the Emigrant Wilderness I took only an 80mm lens to save weight, so in order to get a wide angle shot I needed to stitch multiple images together. Somehow PS CS 3 does this seamlessly and corrects the color so the final image does not have a variety of different color temps and exposures. The image below was a combination of 7 different exposures that were merged together. These are huge 100 megabyte 39 megapixel files, and the program was able to handle all of them and merge them into this panorama, which I can print at a 90 inch x 35 inch size with no upsampling needed. The scale of this view is hard to describe, it is a large granitic basin that is as spectacular as any I have seen in Yosemite. I plan on trying to capture more panoramas in the future and have added a category on my website to feature more of these as I complete them.