Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Experimenting with Digital Matts

I have recently created a few large prints that incorporate digital matts that are printed with the image. This allows me to create and frame large prints (bigger than 40x30") that are very difficult to matt and frame traditionally. George Lepp gave a presentation on this at Photoshop World Vegas, so I thought I would give it a try. I have set up an action for creating the matts in photoshop, but each image requires customizing based on the colors in the image and the size of the image. I am currently having all these mounted onto a rigid backing known as "gator board". I will then treat the image with Premier Art Print Shield and frame them, no glass or matt needed. I will have these on display at our gallery the weekend of October 6, during the opening for the Seasons of Martis show from 12-4 PM on the 6th. The images will range in size from 40x30" to 40x60". I have also been trying out the new Ultrasmooth canvas by Premier Imaging and find that this technique also works well on stretched canvasses with a floater frame. It gives it a more "finished" look than just a gallery wrapped canvas, although I imagine there are some purists who will not like the concept. I am looking forward to getting customer feedback about this new display option, which makes the display of large prints much more affordable. Here is a shot of the digital matt I designed for "Autumnn Passage":



  1. You are leaving the "purists" in the dust. I say go for it. With the digital matting you will always have the perfect colors from which to select.
    local framers will not be thrilled with this technique. You go girl!

  2. Any place on the internet to find out more about these techniques and actions? I'd love to try them on some family portraits...thanks