Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Report from Photo Plus NY

Thanks to everyone who came to my presentations in New York and Chicago. It was a pleasure to meet the attendees and hear about the interesting projects people are working on. I will be speaking at the Los Angeles Calumet – Wednesday, December 5th – 2-4pm, the San Diego Calumet – Thursday, December 6th – 2-4pm

and the San Francisco Calumet – Thursday, January 17th, 2008 – 2-4pm. It seems that the Southern California fires have been mostly contained at this point. The good news is that the devastating loss of property was not accompanied by a large loss of human life. The landscape will regenerate over time which can be a fascinating process to watch. We have a large burn area near us in Truckee (Northeastern California) that becomes more vegetated and colorful with each passing year and must provide some diverse vegetation for the local wildlife populations. I have also seen the burn areas in Yellowstone regenerate over time.

Attending Photo PLus New York gave me the chance to see what is new in the world of photography and to take some classes on web marketing, print finishing, and fine art marketing. Going from the small mountain town where I live to Manhattan is like going to another planet as far as the environment and the energy, but I find it very energizing and inspiring to be there. Of most interest to me was the event held at the Hasselblad setup at Splashlight Studios. They are introducing a very exciting new image processing software called Phocus, which looks to function very much like Adobe Lightroom. There will also be the ability to use a new Hasselblad GPS accessory with the H3D that will allow GPS data to be stored in image metadata and mapped using Google Earth.

I also had the chance to see the new Epson 11880 printer which is 60" wide. We could really use a larger printer like this and look forward to getting one in the near future. This printer also allows easy switching between black ink modes so it would be possible to print on the photographic luster papers in addition to the matte papers I currently use. Epson was displaying their new exhibition fiber paper which appeared to reproduce wonderfully rich colors on a surface very similar to silver halide papers.

I was also in the market for a waterproof point and shoot digicam that I could take snorkeling on our upcoming trip to Baja. Olympus seems to have a very good offering in their series of Stylus 720 & 770 SW cameras. I have purchased one of these and will give a report on its performance after I have used it. It has digital image stabilization and an underwater shooting mode to help with color adjustments. I think using the rear lcd screen to compose underwater shots will be easier than the previous method I tried of looking through a Canon Rebel viewfinder in an Ewa Marine waterproof bag.

Since we are producing larger and larger prints I took a class on print finishing to see if there were any new ideas on how to display these really large prints without having to matt & frame them with glass. It looks like the best solution is what I am currently doing with the mounting of large images on gator board, treating with Premier Art Print Shield, and framing without glass. There is also the well known method of stretching canvas. I did not see any better solutions at the expo or in the workshop, but am interested in any other ideas people may want to share in the comments.

I will be working on my autumn images over the next week and hope to post them soon on this blog. I have also updated to the new Apple Leopard operating system and find that Photoshop CS3 runs noticeably faster with the new OS. I also think the time machine back up system alone is really worth the price of the upgrade. The only downside so far is that my Imageprint RIP will not work with Leopard, so I have to use another computer with the older OS to do all my printing on the Epson 9800. Imageprint is working on an upgrade so it looks like it will be a temporary problem.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Off to New York, Photo Plus Expo, and Chicago

I am heading off to New York tomorrow for my event at the New York Calumet on wednesday the 17th from 2-4 PM. There is no charge to attend this 2 hour seminar, so please drop by if you are in the area. I will also be checking out the Photo Plus Expo at Jacob Javitz convention center, and will mention any interesting finds in a future blog post. I am in the market for a waterproof digital camera to take to Baja, so I will be comparing those at the expo. Hasselblad also has a few events planned this week in New York.

Mark Duhaime of Hasselblad USA writes: "Hasselblad will be at Splashlight studios during Photo Plus (across from the Javits on W35th St. On Oct 18th we are doing a new product launch starting at 4:30pm. On the 19th we are hosting an open studio from 10:00am-5:00pm. Please be sure to come by and see us are one or both of these events."

I also plan to check out the photography exhibits at MOMA, and go by Duggal Imaging to check out the latest in print display techniques.

I will also be at the Chicago Calumet from 2-4 PM on October 22, and invite all the Chicago blog readers to the event.

This morning I received an email that my website had an error that my site was unavailable because the "bandwith had been exceeded." (!) I found out that in the past week traffic to my website had doubled, thanks to a blog post at Lightroom Killer Tips So, thanks Matt for the "exposure" - guess its time for more bandwidth!

I spent the last week photographing autumn colors throughout the Sierra - I hope to have time during my travels to look at the images and start selecting the ones I will add to my portfolio of fine art prints. We had some great colors this year even though there has been some early snowy weather in the Sierra. With snow storms forecast for this week we are probably going to see the colors start to fade as winter approaches.

Friday, October 12, 2007

LA Calumet Speaking Engagement Changed

Due to the workshop in Baja, I had to reschedule my LA Calumet presentation to the following day. I will now be in the Los Angeles Calumet speaking on Wednesday, December 5th – 2-4pm. I hope this does not inconvenience anyone who had planned to come on the 4th.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Baja Workshop Announcement

Olof and I are excited to announce that we will be the photographic leaders for a 10 day Baja voyage with American Safari cruises on the Safari Quest Yacht from November 25 to Dec. 4, 2007. This is the company we traveled to Alaska's Inside Passage with earlier this year, and we think they provide the ultimate in wilderness waterway exploration. This trip has a few spaces left if you are interested, more information is at the American Safari Website. We will be providing on-board instruction in digital image processing and optimization, and will be doing lots of shore excursions for sunset and sunrise photography. There will also be opportunities for underwater photography while snorkeling, and wildlife photography. The staff and gourmet food on these trips are wonderful - we are thrilled to be a part of this exclusive adventure program in one of the world's great Biosphere Reserves.


Monday, October 1, 2007

Autumn Color in the Sierra

I have been keeping an eye on the leaves in the high country and they are about 1 week away from their peak color in most places. I plan on going out next week to do some autumn color photography in the eastern Sierra. There is a great web site that helps photographers keep up with the progression of autumn color, it is located at http://www.calphoto.com/fall.htm. Here is a shot of a great little wooden building nearby that has been surrounded by an aspen grove (taken last year):