Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Livebooks Web Site Home Page

I have spent most of the last few days populating my new livebooks web site with jpgs that are the correct size for the livebooks window (920 x 562 pixels). These will be larger than the jpgs on my current site and provide a better online viewing experience. I have also set up the detailed pricing for each of my prints using the livebooks editing software that is provided with the website, which has gone smoothly since you can price entire portfolios with the same price groups. The new site features a "shopping cart" which can collect a print order and email it to me for follow up payment processing. They do allow Pay Pal to be used but I do not like Pay Pal - I get too much spam from companies claiming to be paypal and would rather do the credit card transactions through our gallery credit card machine. At this point livebooks does not support online credit card processing outside of paypal, but I have found that people purchasing fine art prints usually want to call and talk the the artist or their rep before making a purchase anyway. Here is a screen shot of the home page. The livebooks staff designed it to be very interactive, if you mouse over any of the images you get the title of the portfolio and a link that portfolio. The other pages are still under construction - I hope to have the site up before Thanksgiving. I first have to survive our 8 year old daughter's first sleepover party this friday - time to batten down the hatches!


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  1. The new site is really super! Navigation is super easy, the images look great, what more can a visitor ask for. Great job.