Friday, November 2, 2007

Web Site Evolution

My website was initially designed by a friend who did a great job, but it became problematic for me to update the site myself since I didn't know html and didn't want to spend the time to learn it. I decided to use Apple's iweb 08 and put together a nice website that I could update when I wanted, however I have been getting feedback from some people that the portfolio would not open on their browsers and in some cases the links bar would not appear, making it impossible to navigate around the site. I called apple tech support and searched online for any fixes, and the only response I got was that it was an inherent problem with the way the sites were generated by the software, and there would be unavoidable problems with some browsers. The final blow came when I upgraded to Leopard and my own site would not load properly in Apple's own Safari browser. I decided to pull the plug on iweb 08 because I need a website that everyone can access - even my licensing rep was having problems. I have been researching other options and have decided on the Livebooks approach. I liked their contemporary designs and the fact that I will be able to have an online shopping cart for my prints. I am hoping the new site will be up and running in the next few weeks so I can put the iweb issues behind me.


  1. I was going to install Leopard tonight, but I can't even get the bloody box open! These Apple guys are way into fancy packaging, huh? I went to the local Mac store in Maui and attended their demo. The "Cover Flow" feature is going to save us photographers a ton of time searching through our files.
    I am struggling with my blog at Wordpress, but only because I tend to make things more complicated than I need. Wordpress seems to be well-loved by most users.
    Good luck, Elizabeth.

  2. HI Randy - Love your Blog (! Awesome shots of the grand canyon. I'm not too thrilled to hear of the sharks munching the tourists in Maui, that is such an awesome snorkel area and it's a little unsettling to worry about being shark bait while snapping those turtle shots.
    Yes, fellow photo geeks unite, I waited in line for my iphone on opening day and felt like such a nerd, but it does revolutionize my work day since I am no longer tied to my laptop/internet connection to stay in touch with the world. Leopard's coverflow rocks, though you can end up wasting time going through years of old photo files.

  3. Looking forward to seeing your new site! Your work is terrific!