Thursday, January 10, 2008

Arrival of the 11880, Photo LA, Calumet Event & Thanks Scott!

Our new Epson 11880 has arrived, it is in a box the size of a small car, in our garage. We will start unpacking it and attempt to get it into our studio tomorrow.

We are off to Photo LA on Saturday - we are just staying there for a day to see what is going on in the world of photography collecting, and to help out Crista Dix at the Wall Space Booth, who is representing my work at the show. I always find Photo LA an inspiration to visit, from the print materials to the framing, booth set ups, and of course the wonderful array of photographic visions represented.

Next week I am planning on being at the San Francisco Calumet from 2-4 PM on January 17th, there is no charge to attend, and I give lots of pointers on book publishing and photography. I will also be attending Macworld Expo the following day to see what is new and exciting there.

Scott Kelby gave me a shout out on his blog the other day, resulting in a massive spike of hits on my web site - Thanks Scott! I always appreciate links to my web site.

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