Friday, January 4, 2008

Snowed In / Epson 11880

We are enjoying a classic blizzard up here in Truckee, we are expecting 5+ feet of snow at our elevation of around 7000 feet, so we will be out photographing as soon as the weather clears tomorrow. Below a shot of this morning's satellite imagery which shows the storm winding up over California, with a direct hit on the Tahoe region.

Yesterday Olof and I decided to order a new Epson 11880 from our supplier Bytes 2 Print in Berkeley. We buy all our ink and paper from this company and have been pleased with their service over the years. The advantages of the Epson 11880 that helped us decide to upgrade to this pinter are:

1. Larger print size - the Epson 9800 has a max width of 44 inches, and the 11880 has a max width of 64".

2. No more ink switching - I never print on the luster or glossy papers because changing the inks is such a hassle, but the 11880 allows for both photo black and matte black inks to be installed. I am looking forward to trying the new exhibition fiber paper and luster papers from Epson.

3. New anti-clogging heads - our 9800 is prone to clogging from the dry climate / high altitude, this may help

4. 700 ml ink cartridges - the ink is more economical when purchased in large volumes.

5. Wider color gamut with the new vivid magenta ink

6. 16 bit printing - this may result in improved print quality, only testing will tell if the improvement is visible to the naked eye.

We take delivery next week - the hard part will be getting a 300+ pound printer up a flight of snowy outside stairs and into the studio! I already have a large 50 x 70" canvas order to fill, so I ordered a roll of the 60" wide smooth matte canvas from Premier Imaging - this is going to be fun pushing the limits of current technology to create such large prints for interior wall display. Stay tuned for test results and print comparisons with the 9800....



  1. I'm so jealous (snow and printer)! I was just in Carnelian Bay for a week and left on Monday - I can't wait to see some photos!

  2. Good luck w/ the printer. I can't wait to see some of those snow pictures. We're expecting warm (~50 degree F) this weekend, so I'll have to live vicariously through you!