Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tahoe Snowstorms

We are having a great, snowy winter here in the Tahoe area. We must have about 8 feet of snow on the ground and more is on the way. The powder skiing is great, and even though the storms have been windy the trees are still holding snow on their branches. I went out yesterday and took this shot in the Mount Rose area of Nevada - the trees are plastered with snow at the higher elevations, and make for wonderful winter shots. I liked the different needle patterns of the various tree species, and the way the snow emphasizes these differences. I lightened the shadows up on the tree trunks - this image almost has the look of an pen/ink drawing. It was taken with the Hasselblad 300 mm lens. I have posted the image on my website in the Winter's Grace portfolio

I have also had a chance to catch up on completing my portfolio of images from Venice and Burano - even though I went there in 2006 I did not finalize all the images until recently. I have posted them on my website at this link:Venice and Burano. Most people know about Venice, however many are not aware of the charm of Burano. It is an island in the Venetian Lagoon that is sort of a rural, countrified version of Venice. The streets are all canals, and the colors of the buildings and boats are wonderful. It is a must see for anyone going to that part of Italy.

This series uses the sepia / handcolored toning technique I explained in one of my earlier blog posts:

Tritone & Color Technique


Crystalline Forest

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  1. Aloha Randy! The main issue with the H3D is not the size of the camera body, but the size and weight of the lenses. I think that very high end lenses are needed to handle a 39 mp sensor. I think the Canon has lighter lenses and more variety, along with Image Stabilization. I would like a 22 mp Canon setup for wildlife, sports, and event photography since I think it is more versatile for those uses. For my big prints I love the sharpness provided by the H3D and lenses, and I think the quality for large landscape prints would be noticeably better than the Canon 22 mp. The question for you will be is it worth the price difference from a business investment standpoint.