Friday, February 22, 2008

Online Licensing via Photoshelter

I have recently completed an online image archive powered by Photoshelter. I am reluctant to send my "A list" images into a stock agency I use since I need to retain control over how they are used, and this is not possible with stock. Many of my licensing clients want rights managed usage and exclusive use for a certain time period and format. I found a good solution to manage this using Photoshelter. I have a new licensing site integrated with my main web site that allows key word searches and online purchase of rights managed licenses. I think it will also help me manage the various requests for hi resolution images since I can authorize clients to download them from the site, saving me time and expense of mailing dvds. The new site can be accessed from the "Image licensing" link on my home page, and from the photoshelter link.


Friday, February 15, 2008

Pro Digital Imaging Article / Calypso Imaging

Thanks to the folks over at Pro Digital Imaging Magazine for their cover story on my work in their March 2008 issue. The did a great job accurately reproducing the color in all my images that they published, and also did a detailed (flattering) article on my career.

I am in the process of doing a very large 80" x 55" print of Dogwood's Grace for a client. It will be mounted onto thin Aluminum so it can be placed onto a curved wall. We determined the best way to protect the image was to laminate it to the aluminum sheet. This is a very cutting edge display, but thanks to Joe at Calypso Imaging in Santa Cruz we were able to figure out how to get this done and shipped across the country. He is doing the laminating and mounting. I will be shipping him the 80 x 55" print rolled up. This will be printed on our Epson 11880. This will be the biggest print I have made so far, I am hoping Joe can send me a picture of him standing next to the final mounted version, since I will not see it before it is shipped.

Monday, February 11, 2008

New Book Underway

I have started to put together my new book, which is scheduled for a publication date of November 2008. The title is still being fleshed out, but currently I am leaning toward: "CHANGES IN THE RANGE OF LIGHT, Contemporary Portraits of the Sierra Nevada". The book will be similar in layout and design to BRILLIANT WATERS, but will focus on the changes to the Sierra ecosystem brought on by global warming. This will be a huge undertaking in terms of getting the text content for the book - I have already completed most of the images with the exception of some high country shots I will be getting in the summer. I also need some shots from the glaciated areas of the Sierra that are in the more southern region of the state. If any blog readers are experts in the field of climate change in the Sierra Nevada (or know of an expert) please contact me via email.