Monday, March 17, 2008

Green Business Practices

I am putting together a list of ways our gallery is a "green business" along with areas where we can be more eco-friendly. I will soon be adding a new page to our Carmel Gallery website that describes our green business philosophy. As part of my research, I found an interesting document from Epson that details their environmental conservation program - it is contained on pages 24-44 of this pdf document.

Since we use Epson papers, inks, and printers it is important for us to understand their commitment to green business practices. From reading the details in this pdf document it appears they are putting a fair amount of effort into environmental sustainability. The company which we purchase our inks from in Berkeley also has a very good ink recycling program - information on their program is available at this link: Bytes2Print recycling

Since we use 100% cotton papers for our prints, I found this statement on the Crane website very interesting - they list 7 reasons why cotton is better than wood based paper. We use the textured fine art paper by Crane and the Epson Ultrasmooth cotton paper.

As far as paper and canvas coatings, alot of credit should be given to the Premier Art company for their formulation of Eco Print Shield, and environmentally friendly coating that "protects all water resistant ink jet prints from moisture, light, humidity, atmospheric contaminants, abrasion and even fingerprints."

I am also doing some research on eco-friendly framing materials. I think that a lot of frame moulding comes from wood that is not sustainably harvested, and the frame companies need to do a better job of disclosing the source of their wood. This article in Decor Magazine helps bring to light some of the things frame suppliers can do. I will be posting my findings here. Feel free to comment on any eco-friendly product recommendations readers have for printing and framing.

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