Monday, March 24, 2008

Nikon D300

I am going to be checking out the Nikon D300 this week. I need a digital slr that I can use for handheld / low light shots for an upcoming project. This camera seems to have great high iso performance and some nice features such as live view with autofocus on the lcd screen (good for underwater I would think). I have always had an affinity for Nikons - I used to have one of the early Nikon D1x cameras, but sold that to pay for the higher res Canon 1ds that I used until I got the Hasselblad system. I also think the Nikon D3 is very interesting, and it has a full frame sensor so it would be possible to get some nice wide angle shots with the new nikon 14-24 mm zoom. The problem with the D3 cameras is that they are hard to get and about $3.5k more than the D300. Once Nikon introduces a higher resolution sensor in a D3 style camera, and retains the extreme high iso quality, it could give a big boost to the possibilities of handheld landscape photography. I think that Nikon is finally back in the Dslr game after getting dusted by Canon over the last few years. I will report my impressions of the D300 later this week.