Monday, April 7, 2008

New Wildflower Images

I have completed a selection of 9 images from my recent photo shoot in the Sierra Foothills using the new Nikon D3 and the 14-24 zoom. It was mildly windy so I used the D3 at iso 400 to 600 and shot with a small aperture to maximize depth of field. Using the high iso I was able to get shutter speeds of over 1/200 second, enough to stop the blur of wind movement and still maintain depth of field. I love the wide angle 14mm - all of the close up shots were taken at the widest angle possible. I was able to get very close to the poppies and still get a large range of view to make dramatic images. I am very pleased with the image quality from this system. While it cannot even begin to compare with the detail of the H3D, I was able to get shots that would not have been possible with the H3D due to the wide angle and need for fast shutter speeds with small aperture.

Here is a link to the images on my web site:

I only spotted one rattlesnake, laying across the trail on my way back. I'm glad one did not surprise me while I was crawling around in the poppies! I almost stepped on one a few years back in a similar area, so I keep an eye and ear out for them when I am in areas like this in the Sierra foothills.



  1. Beautiful images. I'm sure the camera performed well, but your performance is magnificent. Your arrangement of wildflowers, oak and mountain river is one of my favorites. Your images always have your unique signature.

  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    In case you are interested, I just posted several underwater shots on my blog that were all taken with my D300. I use a Nexus underwater housing. I love this camera...would love to have the D3, but can't really justify the extra cost when the D300 really does an excellent job.
    Your new images are really excellent!! Keep up the great work, and have a great time in Hawaii...

  3. Beautiful work, as usual. I'll bet you could take an old Kodak Instamatic into the field and produce art worthy for any museum- I always enjoy you images!

  4. Isn't this the view which Dorothy had when she fell asleep in the poppies?
    Hey, I hope we make time to shoot together for a couple of hours on Maui next week. See ya then.

  5. Thanks to you all for your comments and support! I appreciate the positive feedback. Scotty, your underwater shots on your blog are amazing, you definitely are making the most of living in a tropical paradise - I really hope to visit Indonesia one day soon -Maybe I can take a scuba / underwater photo lesson from you!

  6. Excellent images right off the bat with the D-3! The D-3 with the 14-24 appears to fit in nicely with your H3D. As a D-3 user I will be interested in how large you can print with 11880 while maintaining the level of quality of which you demand.