Wednesday, August 27, 2008

High Sierra Images

I returned from my trip to the Sequoia High Country a few weeks ago and have finally completed a portfolio of 10 images from the trip. Here is a link to the images, the new ones are the first 10 in the High Sierra portfolio on my web site. The trip was amazing - thanks to the Sequoia Foundation we were able to have all of our equipment hauled in via mule to a beautiful base camp located about 12 miles into the backcountry at 11,000 feet in elevation. It took me a few days to get used to the altitude, even though I live at about 7000 feet in Truckee. Fortunately we had some interesting weather to create dramatic skies. One of the amazing spots close to our basecamp is known as "Siberian Outpost" - even though it is in the southern Sierra it looks like a vast plain that you would see in Mongolia. It was blooming with beautiful pink primrose wildflowers and I was able to get some colorful shots of this unique and wonderful landscape. Another highlight was a bivouac trip to 12,800 foot Arc Pass, from which it is possible to view an up close panorama of the Mount Whitney massif at sunrise.  This shot required hauling my H3D, lenses, and tripod up the pass, so I am indebted to a few of my fellow travelers for helping me get all my stuff up to the pass for a sunrise shot, which was an overnight trip away from base camp. Joining me on this excursion were author Kim Stanley Robinson (who dubbed our Arc pass trip the "Carmelite Expedition"),author Jordan Fisher Smith, trip coordinator Armano Quintero, and trip chef Ariana Noelke. There were many talented artists on the trip, and the synergy was wonderful. We hope to produce an exhibition of our work from the trip over the next year. I also want to mention the very important work of David Liittshwager, who was on the trip to complete his documentation of flora and fauna present in a transect of Rock Creek. The high Sierra is truly one of the most magical places on Earth, and I feel very blessed to live so close to such spectacular places.

Mount Whitey Massif at Sunrise:


Tarn in the Miter Basin:




  1. Amazing series of photographs. I especially like the Storm Front, the dark stormy clouds and green grass round the pond look amazing.

  2. Thanks for the comment Neil - there is nothing quite so magical as storm light in the high country. I had to retreat sooner than I wanted to since there was thunder and lighting in the area.

  3. Though I have never been that high in the high country that part of the world is so special, Hwy 395 alone I could spend considerable time just photographing. SImply love that area and hope to get back next year to do some more work.