Monday, September 8, 2008

International Photography Awards 2008

I was thrilled that my series on the Pacific Coast won a 2nd place award in the profeesional photographer 'Waterscapes" Category of the 2008 International Photography Awards. There are many great photographs to look at in the list of winners, you can check them out at:

I also really enjoyed the series that won 2nd place in the landscapes category:
JOSEF HOFLEHNER - 2nd place - entry 52327 - Title: Niagara Falls - WELS, AT - you can see his work by clicking on the link in the winners list. I enjoy seeing a new interpretation of a place that has been photographed alot, in this case Niagra Falls. 

Pacific Coast Art09


  1. Congrats, Liz! I checked out the first place winner and honestly think your shot is more meaningful. It speaks volumes about inner oceans and outer seas...

  2. Elizabeth. My kind of image - that arch adds a lot of mystery. Well done on second place. Martin