Monday, May 25, 2009

Nevada's Black Rock Desert

I did a quick photo trip to the nearby Black Rock Desert of Nevada, home of the August Burning Man Festival. This is a very wild and beautiful area, similar to Death Valley but without the crowds and hassle of a National Park. I had permission to photograph the unusual Fly Geyser, located on a private ranch in the area. The image below is an HDR series I took at sunrise, HDR worked very well for this image so I could hold the color of the sky and still get the weird colors of the geyser. It is always spewing out hot water that collects in the little limestone reservoirs along the sides, a very otherworldy place. The other images I took are in a new portfolio on my website: Nevada & Black Rock Desert. I plan on returning there for more photography opportunities and to photograph the scenic Pyramid Lake.


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  1. Beautiful place and such a good moment to release the shutter :);
    Good luck ahead!