Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sierra Thunderstorms

We have been having some wild thunderstorms here in the Sierra, I had a chance to go out to Donner Lake last night after the last storm cleared and get this sunset shot. The storms should continue for a few more days, hope to get out and get more shots of Donner Lake and Lake Tahoe (still waiting for a shot of a rainbow over Emerald Bay)!

Clearing Storm, Donner Lake


  1. VERY NICE sunset!

  2. Wonderful flow of curves, textures and colors. Lovely spot to enjoy an evening of photography.

  3. Elizabeth, very nice meeting you at your new gallerie earlier today. Very beatiful and inspiring images!
    I really like this one of Donner Lake, as we've had a home here for 10 years and haven't seen this vantage point yet.
    Lastly, thanks for signing my book!
    Christian Mani

  4. Thanks Chris! Hope you had some good luck photographing the local wildflowers.