Monday, June 15, 2009

What is Overcooked?

Using HDR techniques you can really go overboard with the effect and make images that end up being slightly alarming to the average viewer. Most people are looking for landscape images that are somewhat nourishing and soothing. Here are examples of two images, the one with the dock uses HDR techniques with a lighter touch, the one of the Lake has HDR dialed up to the max. I am not sure if anyone would purchase the overcooked one as wall art, it is slightly alarming and a little overwhelming (it is fun to make from a personal standpoint though!).

Summer Afternoon 


  1. Thanks for doing this. I have seen so mnay HDR images that look almost cartoonish to me. It would be fun to see the images you posted without the HDR processing.

  2. This is really great!! Looks very nice!!!

  3. The second image looks like it could be the beginnings of a John Paul Caponigro piece. Maybe what appears to be overcooked as a stand alone landscape piece isn't used in the right circumstance. You should send it to John Paul and see what he comes up with.