Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Images from New Mexico

I have completed a portfolio of 8 black and white photographs from New Mexico that are now on my website in a new portfolio titled "New Mexico B&W". I decided these worked best in black & white based on the stong graphic elements with the adobe churches and with the ancient stone dwellings at Bandelier National Park. These images were taken with the Nikon D700 & 14-24 mm Nikon zoom, all handheld. In a departure from my usual MO, I took all of them in blazing daylight (another reason to show them as monochrome images, where the patterns of shadow and light are more dramatic). I added a few touches using Nik Color Efex Pro and Nik Silver Efex. I love the tonal contrast feature in Nik Color Efex, but I usually dial back the effect to less than 50% to avoid making images look overcooked. I hope to visit more cliff dwellings this Autumn on a trip through the southwest, I like how they translate to monochrome. I think it gives them a somewhat timeless & mysterious feel.



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  1. I love the flexibility of digital in the way you can decide, after the fact, to make an image B&W. I discovered this as the way to shoot here in New England after the leaves are off the trees, but before the snows come. Or in mid-day light. Everything is monochrome anyway, so why not?