Sunday, October 25, 2009

New England Autumn Colors Portfolio

I was able to visit New England in mid October for a week to shoot the autumn colors there. I had not photographed this area before so I was really excited about the opportunity to get more shots of the great reds and oranges of the deciduous trees. Thanks to the people who took the time to email me suggestions of where to go based on my previous blog post about  my planned trip. I flew into Boston and headed straight for the "Kanc" Highway in New Hampshire, which was a good call because that spot was where the colors were really happening. Most of the images I selected from the 2000 frames I took were from that region. I was very impressed with the colors and scenery in that area along the Swift River. I had to contend with wind, snow and freezing weather but I was able to get a series of shots I am pleased with. I decided to forego Vermont due to the bad weather in that area and instead headed out to Acadia National Park in Maine. I was really pleased with the great color in this area as well.The week of shooting in this new region was intense, most days were 14 hours straight of shooting and or driving or managing files - I wanted to make the most of my limited time there. Thanks to the great file management software available (Aperture & Lightroom)  I was able to efficiently sort through my work and select 18 images for my website - here is the link the the New Release Autumn Colors portfolio on my site.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Autumn 09 Images from the Eastern Sierra

I had a quick trip down to the Eastern Thursday thru Saturday to photograph the autumn colors at the higher elevations. It was very colorful at North Lake and Lake Sabrina. I have posted 5 new images to the Autumn Colors I portfolio on my web site that were taken from these 2 locations (the first 5 images in that portfolio are the new ones). It was a very clear & calm morning on Friday at sunrise, so I got a shot of the classic sunrise reflection at North Lake. The aspens around North lake were very colorful, with many turning wonderful shades of red. My favorite image was from Saturday morning - it was a very stormy sunrise with high winds. I was perched up on a ledge above Lake Sabrina to get the shot shown below - I had to earn this one, it was freezing, windy, and I was getting pelted with small hail. You can see the wind streaks on the lake. The sunrise was spectacular -  wonderful pink clouds with the autumn colors accenting the hillsides. I hope there are some leaves left along the lake after those high winds! I had to keep my tripod very low to the ground and weight it down with another camera to stop it vibrating in the high winds. I used a split neutral density filter to hold back the sky exposure on all the sunrise shots. The rest of the aspens at the lower elevations (conway summit, lundy canyon, etc) are still green so there will be plenty to photograph in the coming weeks. The road up to south lake out of Bishop was looking very colorful as well, many of the aspens along that stretch are turning.