Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Changing Range of Light Now In Stock & Link to OP Review

I am pleased to announce that my new book "The Changing Range of Light" is now in stock at the distributor Mountain Press in Montana. What this means is that all bookstores can now order the books wholesale for immediate delivery, and that the book will start shipping very soon from Amazon and other online retailers. I am really happy with the quality of the book and the color rendition of the images. It is hard to reproduce in CMYK the same colors I can get from my Epson 11880, but I think the book images are a very close match. I used glossy paper with a spot varnish which I think also gives the images a nice look. The book is a large format 12x12 inch size and has 164 pages. I hope readers of the book will find the accompanying text on how climate change will impact the Sierra very informative. As Outdoor Photographer write in their review of the book "The warming climate is causing such widespread physical and biological
change that work by present-day nature photographers could one day be
viewed as a record of what once was and is no more."

Books will be in stock at the Carmel Gallery next week sometime, then we will be shipping out signed copies of all orders made at the gallery and via the online store for book purchases. Thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered signed copies, we appreciate the support. I would also like to invite all blog readers to our book release party at the gallery on December 5. 

CROL frontCover


  1. Congratulations Elizabeth. A wonderful acheivement. It's definitely on my holiday wish list.

  2. It looks stunning. Will the book be available for sale in the UK?

  3. Thanks Charles, please email me and I can arrange to have one sent to the UK.