Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ipad as Format for Photo Books / Workshop with Randy Braun

Our friend Randy Braun in Maui is teaming up with the always entertaining Russell Brown for the Tropical Island Boot Camp for Creative Photography. This is a great opportunity to learn photoshop and lightroom in a beautiful location from two guys who really know their stuff and are alot of fun.

I am looking forward to release of the Apple iPad. I think it will revolutionize the print publishing industry. For photographers, we will finally have a functional color e-book reader that can properly display high quality photography books. Through the upcoming iBooks app, even small indy publishers like myself will be able to make our e-books available to a worldwide audience, without the cost of shipping an actual book. The e-book format that the iPad will use is the "e-Pub" format. I have all my book files in Adobe In-Design format, which allows them to be easily converted to an e-pub format very inexpensively. There are many companies that seem to specialize in these conversions - I am currently getting bids from a few of them. It also makes sense to convert to Amazon Kindle format since the iPad will also have an app to read those as well. Hopefully the Kindle will also be available in color at some point. I think these types of tools really empower individuals to break free of the constraints of the publishing houses and create & distribute their own content. If my Brilliant Waters and Changing Range of Light books do well in this new e-book format I will pursue publishing different types of books such as instructional books and guide books this way. Great book making tools like the one in Apple Aperture will also become very important for photographers. Aperture allows you to export any book created in that program to a pdf, which can then be easily converted to an e-book format.

I think the iPad also really opens the door to more video display by photographers. It's time to start learning video folks! Video will be embedded in articles and books along with the static photograph. The demand for high quality video snippets will at some point rival the demand for stock images.

Michael Reichman has an interesting article on the iPad and video convergence on his blog, well worth a read. These are exciting times to be a photographer; however it is a challenge to keep up with the technology  and to be ready to adapt to the constantly changing market for images and content.


  1. Apple's product have been the most loved by the users and I am sure you will also enjoy this product and get helped in what ever you want. It would be of course great if it can be used to sell the photography books.

  2. hey man, Nice post! I am a photographer and I have lots of way to share my photography. But I am agree with you, iPad really opens the door to more video display by photographers and you are right It's time to start learning video folks!:)