Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Two New Releases: Above the Fog

We have had a foggy week here in the Tahoe Basin. If you can get above the fog interesting vistas await. Here are 2 shots, stitched panoramas, taken at sunrise and sunset from the Mount Rose lookout over lake Tahoe, which is covered in fog. I used my new Hasselblad 28 mm lens for these - the vista required 2 frames in order to capture the full panorama, which I stitched together in Photoshop CS4. The great thing about PS CS4 is that the "photomerge" function will even out differences in tone between the stitched images, making a seamless composition. The image with the sunburst is a sunset, the colorful sky is sunrise. I used a 3 stop LEE split ND filter on both shots. Quick tip: use an aperture of f22 or smaller to render the sun as a sunburst, which looks much better than an large blown-out white circle sun in prints.


Sunrise, Lake of the Sky


Sunset, Lake of the Sky

p.s. - thanks for the title suggestions Dottie!


  1. Very Nice. I really like the morning photograph, the clouds look like they are going to pour right out of the basin.

  2. They're both spectacular, though I favor the sunset for its wintry starkness. Thanks for the tip on the f-stop as well!

  3. What a different look than the usual water in the lake. Very enjoyable to look at. Nice work as usual Liz!

  4. Just beautiful! Love the first one especially.