Monday, March 22, 2010

In-Camera Light Paintings from Wine Country

The Napa wine country is in full bloom with the mustard flowers now. I did a few in-camera paintings of landscapes in the wine country and have posted them on my website in the Camera Paintings Portfolio. It is still a mystery to me how to get the best effects - I try many different motions with the camera and a variety of shutter speeds to cover different options, but it seems a bit random what ultimately ends of making the best camera paintings. The best solution seems to be just shooting a few hundred frames of any subject and selecting the one that works. The key is to make them more blurry rather than less, because they end up looking more painterly that way. I am realizing how much more difficult traditional landscape photography is compared to doing these camera paintings. To take a traditional landscape photo you really need the convergence of amazing scenery in beautiful light with minimal wind- camera paintings require interesting colors and forms, which are easier to find. I think they are a fun way to explore the landscape, and people in our gallery seem to be enjoying the effect in large prints.

Wine Country Spring 


  1. Hi Elizabeth! I'm not quite sure yet if I like these or not. I think the photo you show here is my favorite of all the photos in this series. Perhaps because you can see lines made by the movement, which makes this look like an abstract rather than just a blurry photo. Hmmmm...the more I look at it, the more I like it. I think it's worth pursuing, especially on a really windy day. Thanks for more inspiration!

  2. Definitely a successful and beautiful example of this technique. I would be proud of this one. Good going Liz!