Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In Camera Paintings

Some of the first images I ever sold as prints were impressionistic images made by applying the various painting filters in photoshop. This technique helped to overcome the low resolution of the early digital cameras when making larger prints. I have moved away from that style into a more photo realistic style as digital cameras improved and became higher resolution. Some photographers have been creating very interesting images using in-camera blurring techniques to make images that look like paintings without applying photoshop filters. William Neil had a great article recently in Outdoor Photographer about this technique, and shows some great examples on his website. 

I tried an experimental shot of some trees in the snow the other day, and was pleased with how it turned out. This shot was done at 1/20 of a second with a 300mm lens, with the camera being panned in a downward motion. I have some ideas about other subjects I would like to try this technique on, so I added a new category to my website called Camera Paintings. I have printed this image 40" wide on canvas and will see what kind of comments it evokes at the gallery.


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  1. It's a great technique, done quite a bit. But when you have an exemplary subject like this one, the technique really shines. I have never thought of doing it with trees in snow. I think the few tones in the image also really make it. Well done, Liz. Just beautiful.