Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hasselblad H3-D 39 For Sale / Caribbean Images

I have been traveling in the Caribbean the last few weeks and am currently sorting through a few thousand images to pick the ones I will put in my portfolio. The editing process is relatively painless thanks to Apple's Aperture program. We went to St. John, which is a U.S. virgin island, and Virgin Gorda, which is a British island. Both had some amazing scenery. I particularly liked Virgin Gorda because of the large granitic boulders on the beaches. It was similar in many ways to the scenery of Lake Tahoe & allowed for some interesting compositions of rocks and water. I will be posting the final selections to my website and this blog.

I have decided to upgrade my camera system to the Hasselblad H4D-40 instead of the H4D 60 (which is still not available as of today). The reason is mainly that I can use the high iso functionality that is unique to the H4D-40 more than the increased resolution of the 60 mp. The H4-D 40 is designed with micro-lenses over the sensor that allow for great 40 megapixel shots even at iso 800, and it can be pushed to iso 1600 if needed. (see my previous post on this topic for more info). I like the freedom to do handheld photography if needed, and to freeze motion on a windy day. 

I will be selling my current H3D-39 megapixel with the 80mm lens  for $10,000. This camera is in great working condition with a few minor cosmetic blemishes on the back, and I will also include a day of training with the system here at my studio. Email me at liz@thecarmelgallery.com if you are interested in purchasing this camera. I can take credit card payments, but will only ship within the USA. I will also be selling a Hasselbald HC-35 mm lens for $2500, with original box, lens hood, & leather case, in excellent condition. I am finding that I do not use this lens now that I have the 28mm, so that is why I am selling it.

I will do  review of the H4D-40 when it arrives soon, and will post image samples and impressions on this blog. I will also be doing a post on how I handle airline travel with heavy & expensive camera gear.

This image below is from "The Baths", a rock & ocean grotto in Virgin Gorda. It was processed in Apple Aperture using Photomatix Pro plug-in for HDR rendering. 


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  1. Great photo and camera :)
    Someone will be very happy with the new toy :)
    Wish you luck