Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Images from the Caribbean

I have posted a new series of images from the Caribbean on my web site. These were all shot on the island of Virgin Gorda with the Hasselblad H3D. I developed these images with what I consider to be a more contemporary, slightly desaturated color palette. I used this color palette to emphasize the beautiful blues of the ocean and the natural forms of the rocks and sand. I am also working on a second series that will introduce more of the pastel colors of the sunset. All images were developed in Aperture with Photomatix HDR plug in. I then did final retouching and sharpening in Photoshop. I think the Photomatix effect should be used sparingly to give the image a little pop - the image should not scream "I used Photomatix".

I think it is good to work on images in a series and edit images according to groups that work well together. All editing should be a bit painful. I eliminated quite a few strong images that just didn't quite fit the color scheme and compositional content of the others in order to come up with the final grouping I show on my website. Hope you enjoy the photographic journey to this distant island!

Virgin Gorda I

© Elizabeth Carmel, 2010 


  1. LOVE, Love, Love your Photography ... Just Fantastic!

  2. Hi Elizabeth
    I love the images as always. But they absolutely do scream 'I Used Photomatix'. Sorry. I prefer your original look.s

  3. The shades of grey and blue give the photo a dramatic feel. Very intense photo. It's incredible.

  4. I don't think his is an overboard image at all. I've seen the overused PhotoMatix and it id not pretty. These images look great