Friday, May 28, 2010

Response to a few questions about Hasselblad

Question/Comments: 1) Do you use either of Hasselblad's zoom lenses?

2) What are your thoughts on the H4D-50 vs the H4D-60 cameras for your type of landscape photography?

Response to #1: I do use the Hasselblad HC 50-110 zoom. I would like to try the 35-90 zoom but canot really justify the cost since I already have lenses that cover that focal range. I really like the images made with the 50-110, in fact I think most of my shots that turn into fine art prints have been taken with this lens. It is a heavy beast for sure, but it takes wonderful images. It needs to be treated with care. I had to send mine in for repairs when the front lens element came out, so I never carry it as my only lens on a trip - I always take the 80mm as backup.

Response to #2: I have not tried either the H4D50 or 60. I was planning to upgrade to the 60 but went with the H4D 40 instead since that camera allows me to use higher iso settings and get great results. I do not think either the 50 or the 60 has the same high iso function. The 50 is available now, the 60 is not. I'm not sure of the delivery schedule for the 60. You can get fabulous deals now on the H3D39 cameras, so those are worth checking out if you are making the move up to MF, and once you have one you can get a great deal with upgrades.

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