Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New ElizabethCarmel.com Website!

I am pleased to announce my newly redesigned website with fully secure online shopping capability, easier image browsing, wish-list creation, gift registry, social network image sharing, image email capability, and many more features not available on my previous website. My new site is also fully compatible with the ipad and mobile phones. Please check it out at ElizabethCarmel.com.

To celebrate the launch of my new site we are offering 10% off all orders placed through the site for the month of September. Please click here for details.

My previous website was flash based and not very functional from an e-commece standpoint. I worked with Endo Creations to completely redo the site based on the Volusion e-commerce platform, which has been working well for the CarmelGallery.com website. 

Flash makes for a lovely website with large image display, but it can be difficult to make a good e-commerce site with flash, and I am concerned about the long-term viability of that platform with lack of flash support on the apple iphone and ipad. I will keep my flash site for people that enjoy browsing using that interface. My flash site is still accessible at http://flash.elizabethcarmel.com and from a link titled Flash Site under contact heading from my main site.

PLease take a moment to check out my new site and feel free to email or comment any feedback - we are still putting on the finishing touches.





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  1. Hi Elizabeth:
    I have to say that I found the new website very hard to get around in and awkward to navigate. It may be better from a money standpoint but from a user standpoint - (I looked at the old one a lot and your blog - I love your work and I think your gallery is charming) this one is not so great, IMHO. I looked for a Slideshow button when I was in the Autumn Colors gallery and could not find one. Would be nice to be able to have the program work through the images in a specific gallery full screen. It may be there and I just missed it. How about adding some sound? This could be an option. Sorry if this comes off too negative - just did not work for me. I may come back again but not something I will visit on a regular basis.