Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2010 Autumn Color in the Eastern Sierra

I did a quick trip down to Mammoth a few days ago to drop of some of my large canvas prints for display at the Mammoth Gallery in the Mammoth Village. I also dropped off my books and new 2011 Calendars so if you are in the area please drop by and visit this wonderful gallery. The colors were not really peaking at Conway summit yet, but there were a few bright orange aspens starting to turn. I heard that the place to go was Rock Creek so I headed up there and found some wonderful colors higher up the canyon near the lake. Both of these shots were taken near the lake area:
I camped out in the Rock Creek canyon and it started to pour with rain on Sunday night and snow at the higher elevations. I hope the colorful aspens survived this week of rainy weather! I also did a series of autumn "camera paintings" of the wonderful reds and peach colors of some of the aspens. The colors here in the Tahoe Area are not peaking - I will post an update when they start to get going.

These camera painting images were done by using a slow shutter speed and moving the camera during exposure. The trick is to use a slow enough shutter speed so the image looks like a painting and not a blurry photograph. I love the impressionistic effect this technique creates. These types of images look great printed large on canvas. 

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