Friday, October 22, 2010

Autumn Color Panoramas

I have been trying to get to all my favorite Tahoe autumn color spots over the last few days since we are forecast to have a windy storm this weekend that may shorten the color season. One of my favorite spots is an aspen grove on the North shore of Lake Tahoe near Martis Peak, accessible via dirt roads. I was able to capture the panorama I have been trying to get for the past few years - The aspen trees were at peak color and full of leaves, with a beautiful sunny morning to illuminate them. This shot is a five 40 megapixel frames stitched together, native file size with no upsampling is 60" x 16". The trick to getting good panoramas is to follow the guidelines of photographer Jim Divitale, who told me about a great pano tool that is available in Adobe Photoshop CS5 as a free add-on from the Adobe website. Directions on how to do this are on Jim's Blog. The difference with this add-on is that the photo merge user interface lets you select an "interactive layout" where you can place the image frame and the software magically connects and integrates it to the others. I have been able to create these large panoramas much more easily than with the other photomerge tools, which always seemed to choke on the images or make crazy combinations. I have another pano that is about 12 - 40 megapixel frames stitched together, going from the South shore of Lake Tahoe all the way around 360 degrees. I now make it a point to always shoot enough frames for a pano in addition to the normal one frame shots when I am on location. 

Sunrise Panorama, Lake Tahoe

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