Sunday, November 14, 2010

Images from Toroweap, Grand Canyon

Toroweap is a remote area on the north rim of the Grand Canyon accessed via a 60 mile dirt road (each way) that takes off near Fredonia, AZ.  The last few miles of the access road are slickrock and not for the faint of heart or low-slung rental cars.  It is in the Grand Canyon National park and there is a ranger on duty so I suppose it would not be life - threatening if your car broke down out there, but you definitely want to take survival gear in case of the worst. I always carry a Fast Find PLB in my camera pack in case of an emergency. I picked a day to go out there when a storm was approaching to the north in hopes of getting good sunset / sunrise clouds, and I was not disappointed. My first image below is a sunset shot - this is an HDR (High Dynamic Range) capture since I needed to get light on the foreground canyon and still properly expose the sky, which took a very long exposure to capture. You will notice the blurring in the clouds from having the shutter open a long time (over 30 seconds). I was able to bring out the details of the foreground canyon walls during post processing in Hasselblad Phocus software and Photoshop CS5. The sunset image is looking downriver to the west. This is a spectacular location, perched thousands of feet above the Colorado River. There are no handrails here, no place to get dizzy or trip!

The sunrise shot below is looking East - it is amazing how similar the rock formations are looking both East and West. More light was available with this shot making for crisper clouds and more of a glow on the canyon.

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