Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Autumn Photographs

I have been traveling in Zion and the Grand Canyon area this autumn and will  have some exciting new images to post soon from this trip. Thanks to all the fellow photographers who stopped to say hi and introduce themselves! Before I left for my trip to Utah / Arizona I completed some new autumn releases from the Tahoe area. Hope Valley was amazing this year, and I was fortunate to capture an iconic location from this area in great afternoon light:

I also captured some shots of the aspen colors around Lake Tahoe which were brilliant this year. Shining Forest below was captured by shooting into the sun - In order to do this without lens flare destroying the image I shielded the lens with a large folding reflecting disk - a Photoflex Multi Disk 5 in 1.

Autumn colors can produce wonderful color combinations like this lime green mixed with the orange -yellows near Spooner summit. 


  1. All lovely, and the first two really grab me. Beautiful work, as always, Elizabeth!

    - Jack

  2. Hi Elizabeth,

    What beautiful pictures.

    I am particularly impressed with the shining forest. I love the way you have captured the delicate textures of the golden leaves.

    Very elegant.