Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Fine Art Print Release - Magical Morning, Yosemite

My husband Olof and I headed down to Yosemite last week to get some shots of the valley in the cold storm that was predicted. We arrived Tuesday just before the Wednesday storm and were able to get some wonderful shots of the world's most beautiful valley covered in snow. At this point I have only developed one image - a sunrise shot from Valley View that I have titled Magical Morning, Yosemite. This was a truly special morning - fresh snow blanketed everything so we headed directly to valley view in the morning, hoping that the clouds would illuminate the storm clouds at sunrise. We got a very brief glow in the sky  - enough for a few dramatic frames at this iconic location. The image below is a stitched panorama of 2 frames. I merged a raw file developed for the snow with the same raw file developed for the sky using Photomatix HDR pro. I tried to use a very light touch on the HDR, just enough to give the image a full range of color and tonality. This shot was taken with the Hasselblad H4D 40 megapixel and the 50-110 lens at about 50mm. I will have many other shots to share from this trip, but it will take me a few more weeks to work with those. In landscape photography, I consider these iconic Yosemite shots the equivalent of "big game" for wildlife photographers. Sure, everyone has photographed this spot millions of times, but getting my own version of this iconic location is worth trying for. I have been trying to get a winter shoot of Yosemite for the last 10 years but have been thwarted by the weather or trip timing. This time I finally got the shot. A larger version of this Yosemite Photograph can be viewed on my website.

Magical Morning, Yosemite

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  1. This is such a beautiful image! I am not usually a fan of HDR photographs (I think they mostly look fake), but this is phenomenal!!! I hope I can take images like this one day!