Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Underwater Housing for Panasonic Gh2

I love my Panasonic Gh2 for video and for a lightweight camera when I am out biking or skiing and don't want to carry my big Hasselblad. It has excellent image quality and the video quality is superb. I just got certified as a PADI open water scuba diver and recently acquired an underwater housing for the Panasonic Gh2.  I have previously done underwater photography by putting  various cameras in an Ewa- Marine bag and snorkeling - this worked great with the Sea Turtles in Maui, but to get good underwater shots I think you need a proper housing and scuba gear. I have tried the various water proof pocket cameras but found the image quality lacking and they often are not really waterproof so I have ruined a few that way. We are headed to the Big Island of Hawaii in July so I wanted to get proficient with all this gear in hopes of getting some better turtle shots, and hopefully some colorful coral reef and dolphin shots as well. I purchased the 10 bar Gh2 Underwater housing from a very helpful company in Seattle called Optical Ocean Sales. I traded in the big dome port for a flat port that works well with the pancake 14mm lens and makes the system less bulky. I am still in the testing phase for this equipment but as soon as I have some new underwater images I will post them here. My next dive will likely be in the clear blue waters of Lake Tahoe - but I need to let the waters there warm up a bit before I take the plunge!

Sea Turtle Shots from Maui

Turtle 4 Photo
Sea Turtle Photo

Turtle 2 Photo
Sea Turtle Photo


  1. Hi, I have also the GH2 and is planning to buy an UW housing, how is the wideangle with the 14mm pancake? did you use the flatport designed for the 20mm pancake?


  2. Yes, I use the 20mm flat port and it works with the 14mm pancake lens with no vignetting based on my testing. It is much easier to handle the housing than the big dome port so I just use the 14mm lens underwater. I also set up the system with two handle brackets to make it easier to carry and use underwater.

  3. Could you post pictures of your housing?

    I am guessing you use auto focus when diving

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  5. Wow! good job!! You have captured those turtles very well with your camera.
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