Friday, May 20, 2011

Tiny Italy & Tiny Paris

I had a great conversation & impromptu training session with Brian Matiash of On One Software yesterday. He showed me how to get some great "tilt lens" photography looks using On One Focal Point. I love the look you can get with a tilt lens making landscapes look miniaturized, like you are shooting a small model of a landscape scene. I have seen some great shots by Vincent Laforet that use this technique. Even better than actually having to use the tilt lens is the ability to create the exact same look in Focal Point. I revisited some of my landscapes from Italy and Paris using this technique. Here are my results from converting them to tiny landscapes in Focal Point. I will likely refine my technique shown here further based on additional input from Brian. If you want to get the scoop on how to do this check out On One's archived webinar on this subject. The effect shows better at a larger size than I can show below, so click on each image to properly see the effect. This is a fun way to rework landscapes to create a different look. It is by no means a new technique but I think it is still a great look. I will be adding a portfolio of these tiny landscapes to my website when I have time. 

I am also in the process of evaluating some new photo packs from Lowe Pro so I be posting a column on that next week. I recently submitted my July column to Outdoor Photographer so be sure to check that out when the July issue comes out.

Tiny Rome

Tiny Tuscany

Tiny Village

TIny Vineyard

Tiny Paris
Tiny Paris II

Tiny Amalfi

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