Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Visualizing Art in a Space

I have worked with many people over the years helping them visualize how a particular piece of art will look in their home or office. One tool I have been using more and more is photoshop simulation. This tool works well for both in office and home art installations. I have the client email me a jpg of the space in question, then based on a list of prints they like I will do mock ups of the art installation. Below are some examples of recent photo simulations I have done. The tool that is most important in photoshop is the distort tool, it will give you the ability to adjust the image perspective to fit the room picture. While my simulations are not perfect they can be done fairly quickly and help people select image groupings and sizes. I am happy to do one for anyone who has a space they want to put one or more of my prints in. The images below show unframed stretched canvasses. Showing the framing is possible but would be much more complicated. 

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