Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Lake Tahoe Print Releases & Workshop Update

I had a wonderful 4 days of photography last week with my Lake Tahoe workshop group. We had a fabulous group of 10 people - 8 women and 2 men (usually the ratio is reversed in most workshops!). Jerry Dodrill joined us as a co-instructor. Jerry is a talented instructor, an inspired photographer, and an all round magnanimous person who freely shared his photo locations. The time around the summer solstice is hard work for landscape photography, since the magic hour arrives very early and very late. We were all a little sleep deprived by the end of the workshop. Here are some of my favorite shots from the past week which I have added to my website / portfolio. All of the images can be seen in my new releases portfolio

aka "Jerry's Tree" since he shared the location with us

Summer Bloom, Lake Tahoe
This shot was taken with a 1 minute exposure and a split neutral density filter after the sun set (civil twilight) - the Lake turns very blue at twilight in this lagoon - I had to desaturate the lake since it looked so surreal in the raw capture file. 

A wonderful morning of unexpected clouds at Emerald Bay - I removed the contrails which appeared right as the sky was illuminating. 

This time of the year the sun rises right behind that tree. The water in Eagle Falls was the highest in years.

The blues of twilight are amazing

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  1. Liz, glad the workshop worked out so well! Jerry is a good friend of mine, and I'll echo your sentiments about what a good all around guy he is. I think of these, "lake of the sky," is my favorite due to the unusual nature. Great work. Hope you have a great and productive summer. Bob.