Friday, July 22, 2011

New Print Releases from Hawaii

I returned this week from a wonderful 10 days on the big island of Hawaii. We had great weather and good diving / snorkeling conditions. This was my first visit to the southernmost island - my main goal was to try out my underwater camera system while scuba diving and also to get some volcano shots. Since the there were no surface lava flows I focussed on getting shots of the lava glow at the Kilauea Caldera - fortunately the night I was photographing there was a full moon and some clouds that reflected the glow from the lava cauldron - it was an amazing sight to witness but challenging to photograph. I did a 16 second exposure for this scene at f 4.5  with the Hasselblad H4D. I was able to pull enough detail out of the file to get the shot even though it was underexposed. This was my favorite shot of the trip. 

My underwater housing for the Panasonic GH2 worked perfectly (see my previous post on underwater photography). I realized I really needed some underwater strobes to properly illuminate the beautiful corals and fish - since I relied on natural light my files have a blue cast that is difficult to remove even with the raw files. I was able to swim with this sea turtle for a while and get some shots and video. I will post video of this graceful creature (the sea turtle, not me) soon.

Taken along the Kona Coast where there are beautiful corals

Any trip to the islands requires the Sunrise / Sunset and Palm Tree shots, so here are my contributions.

Taken at Kapoho tidepools area at low tide

Taken along the Kohala coast

Taken along the Kohala Coast

After visiting Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii Island I think the most dramatic landscapes are definitely on Kauai, however all the Hawaiian Islands have so much to photograph and experience - they are truly paradise. More of my Hawaii Photographs from previous trips are in my Hawaii Portfolio.