Friday, October 21, 2011

New Autumn Images from West Virginia

West Virginia is a wonderful state for autumn photography. I was there a few weeks ago and enjoyed some colors at peak in many parts of the state. I started at Babcock State Park where the often photographed grist mill is ( remember it's not a cliche until you have the shot..). There was also a very colorful small lake at Babcock that had great color and reflections, so many of my keeper shots were from that area. West Virginia is a wonderful state to drive through in October. I only spent a few days there so I plan to go back again. I find that the eastern states have better red and orange colored foliage, which can be elusive in California where I live. These images are now on my website and are available as fine art prints. I will be featuring a few large prints of my favorites in our Truckee Gallery. Be sure to follow me on twitter and Facebook since those venues are updated more frequently than my blog, which usually only gets updated when I am introducing a new image series. Hope you enjoy these new images: