Monday, June 4, 2012

LowePro Flipside is a Great Backpack for  the Nikon D800

One of the benefits of shooting with the Nikon D800 E is the reduced size of the body and lenses when compared to medium format. This allows me to carry the system in a smaller backpack. I have found that the Lowe Pro Flipside 500 AW offers a great balance of size and portability. I really like that the backpack unzips on the side of the pack facing the back pad, instead of the outside like most packs. This improves security in urban environments and allows you to access the pack while still wearing it around your waist. The 500 is larger than the other flip side versions, so I can fit all my Nikon lenses in there with my filter systems and flash. It fits well in the overhead bins of even small airplanes, and does not scream "I am a camera backpack". I find it is best to travel unobtrusively as a photographer. The Padded waist belt and water bottle / tripod pockets on the outside make it great for hiking. All around it is a great choice for an everyday  dslr camera pack. Here is more info on the Lowe site.

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  1. Hey Elizabeth. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy perusing your work and what a great job you do! I am subscribing to your blog to see what awesome photos you come out with next.