Friday, October 12, 2012

New Autumn 2012 Releases and Autumn Workshop Recap

I spent October 4-7 with a fabulous group of people, including my co-instructor Jerry Dodrill, doing an autumn colors workshop in the Eastern Sierra. We hit the colors perfectly for the high country, and were able to get some amazing sunset shots during an evening photo shoot at Mono Lake. The workshops are put on by Galen and Barbara Rowell's Mountain Light gallery in Bishop. The Mountain Light gallery is like a pilgrimage location for me -  when there I feel fortunate to be able to work in the spiritual presence of one of the true masters of color landscape photography, Galen Rowell.

Mother Nature sure had a show planned for us on October 5. The sunset at Mono Lake was one of the epic sunsets of my life. The sky stayed gray until about 6:20 pm, and we were starting to have our doubts about the sunset colors. Then the heavens exploded in color and I went into a panic mode trying to get a few good shots in during the best light. Fortunately I had scouted out some spots and knew where to go once the show started. Following are my favorite images from the evening. I assure you all the colors are accurate as to what we witnessed. I actually had to desaturate the images to get the colors to match the gamut of my printer. It is best to view these on a color managed browser like Safari - they look crazy in the Chrome browser but seem to show a little better on my actual website. Click each image caption to go to my website where you can see the larger jpg (select Larger Photos on the product page). These images are all available as fine art prints via my website. All were taken with the Nikon D800E. All of the images can be viewed on the new releases portfolio on my landscape photography website.

Autumn Sunset, Mono Lake
Sierra Sky, Mono Lake

Sunset Blessing

Since I have so many images of yellow aspens I did not add alot of new aspen shots to my website, but I did like this image of the aspens reflecting in a creek up towards South Lake:

Autumn Reflections, High Sierra

I have also been wanting to get this shot of the Palisades visible up the canyon on the way to Lake Sabrina. The colors were lovely at sunrise although I still need to get it with some snow on the peaks. I understand that is snowed there yesterday so the shot with snow might still be possible.

Sierra Crest Autumn

We also had a wonderful visit to the Patriarch Grove of ancient Bristlecone Pines, the Earth's oldest living trees. The high elevation of this area, at over 11,000 feet, makes the sky and colors of the trees very brilliant just before and after sunset. Being in the presence of these amazing ancient tree beings is a very humbling experience.

Autumn Sun, Bristlecone Pine

Bristlecone Sunset

Swirl of Time

Ancient Sentinel

Jerry Dodrill and I will be leading an Autumn Colors workshop in Napa Valley in a few months - there is still time to sign up if you are interested:

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  1. H Elizabeth! I was there for the same sunset, but instead of shooting form the South Tufas, as I had planned, I let hunger get in my way and I shot from the West side near the Historic Mono Inn. The sky was amazing, and yes, it was so brilliant that I had to desaturate my prints. Thank you for continuing to inspire me with your beautiful work.
    Dotty Molt